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I was homeless, with two kids and I was broke!

By Christmas 2008 I had spent the better part of the past 2 years, living out of my car and sleeping in my office.  Because of changes in health care laws I had lost my job and then I cashed in my 401K to try and save my new home.  Needless to say, I lost my home with the housing crash, had my car repossessed and all the while I was trying to stay focused enough start a new practice.  Divorced, with two children in joint custody, I stayed at several different friends’ houses while I had my children, just trying to keep a roof over their heads. 

On Christmas Eve morning 2008, I asked for guidance regarding my daughter who was 10 and no longer believed in Santa.  I asked a simple question… “What do I tell my daughter about Christmas?”

Almost instantly an entire story rushed into my head!  With tears streaming down my cheeks I typed as fast as I could, knowing the story was from something greater than me.  I also knew that I had to share this story.  I printed the story from my computer and took it with me to celebrate Christmas Eve with my ex-wife and children.

My ex-wife read it to my children and then said “Wow that was a really cool story.  Where did you get it from?”

I replied, “I wrote it.”

Then with the frankness that only an ex-wife could display and with a chuckle in her voice she said “If it wasn’t for all the typos, I would never believe you!”

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  • How love overcomes fear, every time.
  • Why believing is seeing… not the other way around.
  • How beliefs become truth, with a magic ingredient called action.
  • How the Law of Attraction is used by Santa’s elves.
  • How your thoughts good or bad, really do create your reality.
  • Why quitting doing what you love should never be an option.
  • And much, much more!


An Elf Named Finley teaches children far more about the power your child has within himself/herself, than they could ever learn from a stack of gifts.

It contains profound yet easily understandable lessons that have the potential to improve your child’s life for years to come.

By the end of the story, your child will understand how belief, love and hope have power beyond just being words.   

I invite you to discover the magic held within An Elf Named Finley for yourself.  You’ll not only enjoy reading it to your child, but you will love reinforcing its profound and real lessons! 



An Elf Named Finley, is an inspiring Christmas Story about a boy named Finley who has spent his entire 13 years of life as an orphan.  In the early years of becoming a man, he suddenly finds himself homeless and without a job. 

Traveling out of the city in search of work, he finds a job in a small town of average people who strangely enough, call themselves “elves.”  He is offered a scroll of written rules for making toys.  With empty hands and empty pockets he begins the often difficult task of creating something from nothing.

Finley discovers that before he can create toys he must master the use of tools such as belief, love and hope… not hammers and nails like one would expect.  Filled with both apprehension and determination Finley begins his journey. 

When he has finally mastered the rules for making toys, Finley comes to the realization that he has not only created a toy, he has created the life of his dreams!

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“If teaching your child the true power of love, hope, courage and belief in ones-self is important to you… then An Elf Named Finley is a must read!  This incredible book teaches these complex life principals in a simple Christmas story that even young children can easily grasp.  Get a copy and read it to your child this Christmas!”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author

“Imagine the teachings of Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer and The Law of Attraction combined in a Christmas story.  What would that sound like?  An Elf Named Finley!  It is the story of a homeless boy who finds hope and belief within himself while learning the art of toy making. I not only found the story to be inspiring but a true example of how anyone can overcome difficult times in real life!”

Monte Jenson
Award Winning Sales Executive, Cannon

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